Wednesday Ukraine Report

The war rages on in Ukraine.

In the city of Kharkiv, reports indicate that 1,177 apartment blocks, 15 hospitals and 69 schools have been destroyed by Russia's war. The people who remain in and around Kharkiv are devastated. This is one of the cities Mercy Chefs has continued to provide a lifeline of food and vital supplies since very early in this war.

I'm including a few photos of people living in a village outside of Kharkiv who have been helped by your support. The reality of today is that we are faced with the same daunting challenge:

How can we bring relief to the most people possible with the resources we have?

Every day, your support is helping us get vital relief to thousands of Ukrainians. We've already delivered well over 1 MILLION pounds of food and supplies to folks inside Ukraine.

But I want to do more!

Will you help me get even more relief to devastated families inside Ukraine as well as the refugees (mostly moms and their children) who have fled the country? Go here:

It costs about $20 to prepare and deliver a Family Survival Box to a family inside Ukraine. That means your gift of $40 will feed TWO FAMILIES of four inside Ukraine for five days. Perhaps you can sponsor three Ukrainian families today for $60, or even five families ($100), 10 families ($200), 50 families ($1,000) or more.

Every gift will make a difference. If you already donated, thank you so much! If you have the ability, please consider giving again. The need is that great.

And please continue to pray!

Thanks in advance, and God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. This couple received food and vital essentials that friends like you made possible. In a very real and tangible way, your financial support is helping us get relief to those on the front lines of this war. Today, another truck left our warehouse with thousands of pounds of food and resources for those inside Ukraine. Please help. Go here.