The report from this week that 22,000 people from the city of Mariupol have been killed during Russia's three-month invasion was shocking.

Although that number has not been independently verified, a CNN report indicates the actual death toll may be higher as Mariupol is a city in ruins, thrown back to the "Middle Ages," with darkness and the "smell of death" everywhere.

Meanwhile, world leaders who have gathered in Europe are warning that the situation in Ukraine could get worse before it gets better.

+ + Ukraine suffering is heartbreaking...

It's all very heartbreaking, especially after personally meeting so many families who have been forced from their homes or are just trying to survive in the middle of this war.

Today, Mercy Chefs is continuing our mission to deliver food and resources deep inside Ukraine -- to those on the frontlines of this invasion who still urgently need our help. Over the past few weeks, we have faced increasing obstacles. Despite these challenges, Mercy Chefs' food deliveries continue because TODAY there are hurting Ukrainians on the other side of those deliveries who are depending on us.

Mercy Chefs and our partners will deliver thousands of pounds of food to Ukrainians in the midst of this war this week. Will you help a suffering Ukrainian family by partnering with us? Go here to help feed families inside Ukraine while we continue other efforts:

Three months ago, I traveled to the Ukrainian border to see how Mercy Chefs could possibly help in the midst of this war. I never imagined we would help deliver over 2 million pounds of food during a massive humanitarian crisis that has no end in sight.

Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine. And help Mercy Chefs feed those inside Ukraine

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc 

Source: CNN