Monday Afternoon

The flooding in Tennessee has been catastrophic. Mercy Chefs is immediately deploying. Go here to help flood victims, and see below for more details. Also, please share this message with those who may want to help Tennessee flood victims -- Gary

As much as 17 inches of rain fell on Middle Tennessee over the weekend, leaving nearly two dozen dead and dozens more still missing. The flooding has been catastrophic, with the rain falling over just a six hour period, causing flash flooding that overwhelmed roads and washed away homes. The flooding happened in minutes. People had no time to react. The images are shocking, and the death count could go much higher as many are unaccounted for. 

Just 24 hours ago, Mercy Chefs was gearing up for a potential response to the tropical storm that has hit New England. Power there is being quickly restored while the situation in Tennessee remains critical. Mercy Chefs' Nashville community kitchen team has already headed to the flood zone. Today, we are mobilizing an entire team with one of our mobile kitchens.

Our team is coming in to support the shelters in the surrounding areas of Humphreys County, the center of this disaster. 

I'm issuing an URGENT CALL FOR HELP to every friend and partner of Mercy Chefs. We need your help so we can provide hot meals to flood victims, volunteers and emergency workers IN THE NEXT 24-48 HOURS.

Can I count on you to help in this critical time? Go here to make your best possible gift to help us feed Tennessee flood victims and volunteers:


I'm grateful that we already had a Mercy Chefs community kitchen in place in Nashville -- just over an hour away from where the flooding hit. This gives us a running start ahead of our full mobile kitchen team arriving as soon as later today. Now, I need your help to feed flood victims and volunteers.

We depend on the generosity, prayers and partnership of friends like you! Go here to sponsor meals for flood victims.

And please pray! Pray for the rescue workers. Pray for the families who have lost loved ones. Pray for those whose lives have been turned upside down by these massive floods.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. I am in transit now to Tennessee and will have more details soon. Right now, I urgently need your help so we can fully equip our team to provide hot meals to victims and disaster responders as soon as possible. Go here: