With thousands of evacuees still pouring in, the conditions in the shelters are getting more pressurized.

It tears at my heart. First off, just about every person we are serving was forced to evacuate because their home and just about all their belongings had been destroyed. That alone makes every day a battle just to survive. The local paper is reporting that thousands are still missing. That means many of those who are receiving hot meals from Mercy Chefs already lost a loved one or close friend or know someone who is still missing two weeks after the storm.

And there are so many families with small children at the shelters, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers. These people are incredibly broken. You can see the trauma on their faces. 

We have much work to do THIS WEEKEND. Mercy Chefs will serve thousands of meals just over the next 48 hours. We need your help! Go here to make a tax-deductible gift to help us reach these disaster victims with hot meals, and see below for more on the worsening conditions.


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