Wednesday Afternoon
From Waverly, Tennessee

Word is spreading and our meal count is rising. This flood disaster is beyond words. We need help. Go here to help sponsor meals for Tennessee flood victims, and see below for the latest. -- Gary

The stories are heartbreaking and shocking. Families describe what happened when the water rose up into their homes through the windows, and their only choice was to grab a couch cushion, float out into the rising waters and hope for the best. Imagine the horror of losing your infant twins as the floodwaters ripped them out of your arms.

Our Chef Lisa prepared a very special meal -- mac and cheese, cake and fresh oranges -- for two girls (pictured here) who barely survived the floods. The waters had risen to just under their noses when they were rescued by boat. They lived next door to the two twins who tragically died.

+ + Serving 3,000 meals today

Our Mercy Chefs team is fully engaged in this relief effort. We are serving both lunch and dinner to victims, emergency responders, volunteers and local officials. Today alone, we'll serve 3,000 meals and word is spreading.

This is an "all hands on deck" deployment for Mercy Chefs as we work to meet the needs of this devastated community. We'll serve thousands of meals this week, and I NEED THE HELP OF EVERY MERCY CHEFS FRIEND.

Would you consider sponsoring 10, 20, 50 or even 100 meals today for victims of this tragic flood while we continue other efforts? You can donate directly to Mercy Chefs by going here?:


The scope of the flood damage here is hard to describe. You'll turn a corner and you'll see cars stacked up -- tossed by the floodwaters like they were matchbox cars. Cars are still stacked up in the parking lot right next to where we have established our base of operations. Huge piles of cars and furniture and debris are everywhere.

This community is still in shock. The official death toll is now 18 with three missing. The entire community is in mourning and the people here are only just beginning to face the reality that many will be starting over from nothing because their homes and businesses have been destroyed.

Will you help Mercy Chefs bring relief in the form of  hot meals served in love to this community? Thanks in advance, and thanks for your prayers on behalf of those who have suffered so much.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. If you prefer to donate by check, click here for complete instructions. If the Lord has blessed you financially during these challenging times and you can make a substantial gift, please consider doing so today. Mercy Chefs is right at "ground zero" of this disaster and we'll put your gift to work immediately. Of course every gift will help. Go here:

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