A few hours ago, yet another church contacted me -- this time asking for 6,000 meals over the weekend. That's IN ADDITION to the 15,000 meals we already had slated.

The church is in Springfield, near Tyndall Air Force Base that was leveled by the hurricane and due north of devastated Mexico Beach. Their volunteers have been trying to keep up but are exhausted. And they are out of resources.  Also, more and more people are coming every day for a hot meal. It seems there is no end. Here's the problem...

We are also running out of resources and the grocery bills are already astronomical

As worn out and financially strapped as we are, I feel Mercy Chefs MUST step up and meet this critical need. I can't leave these good people without help BUT WE NEED A MIRACLE TO BE ABLE TO KEEP THIS PACE UP AND ADD 6,000 MORE MEALS THIS WEEKEND.

Would you prayerfully consider being part of that miracle right now? The situation here is beyond description, and the need for Mercy Chefs and these hot meals keeps increasing.

If you can help be part of the financial miracle so we can serve these extra 6,000 meals in addition to the 15,000 we already had slated for this weekend, go here to make your tax-deductible gift to Mercy Chefs.

I cannot overemphasize just how challenging the situation is here. The power went out again today, taking out the street lights. One of our team members was on the way to deliver meals to the Calloway neighborhood and got into an accident. They are OK, but it illustrates the chaos that seems to be everywhere.

Now, we have another 6,000 meals that need to be prepared and served to meet the needs in nearby Springfield.

Please help. YOU CAN BE AN ANSWER TO PRAYER TODAY by helping us meet this need. 

Every gift will help. Go here to make your gift.

Thanks in advance, and God bless you!