Wednesday Afternoon--

Honduras is in a desperate place.

The floodwaters left in their wake a path of destruction that has put thousands in urgent need. More than two dozen are dead. Many had to flee their homes just to survive the flooding. Now, they are returning to total devastation. “When we first came back to see our home we cried because everything was buried in mud,” one person told The Guardian. His family is now living underneath an overpass with dozens of other storm evacuees.

The most critical need is for clean drinking water. Mercy Chefs is sending a water unit that can pump up to 300 gallons per hour. We are also making plans to transport a second water unit as soon as we can.

Our partners from Puerto Rico arrive today, and will be working with a church that is doing everything in its power to feed those who have been displaced and are struggling to find their next meal.

I want to do more while we help our partners provide thousands of meals to these folks who are hurting so desperately.

Can you help today? Please partner with Mercy Chefs so we can help rush relief to those who are suffering right now in Honduras while we continue other vital efforts. Go here to make your gift:

This need in Honduras is as desperate or more desperate than anything we've seen this year.
Please pray for those who were in the path of this storm. And thanks in advance for your financial help.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. Homes are buried in mud. Families have sought refuge underneath overpasses. The local church there needs our help! Two of our key partners are arriving today. We're rushing to get two water purification units running. The people here also urgently need meals. Please help Mercy Chefs bring relief