Our Chef Lisa Saylor is on the ground in Rolling Fork. She has responded to over 140 natural disasters. Lisa says she has never seen anything like this level of destruction...

"There are tractor trailer trucks twisted up
and piled on top of each other. I have seen probably 400 smashed cars and there is not even an open gas station within 45 minutes of this town. Everything is gone."

+ + Mercy Chefs is the primary source of food

Right now, Mercy Chefs is the primary source of food and hope for the people in Rolling Fork and six other neighboring communities that were devastated by last weekend's massive EF-4 tornado. We've already served thousands of meals to disaster victims and emergency workers this week, but the need is still great.

That's why I'm asking for your help -- especially today through this weekend -- as we continue to meet this critical need in Rolling Fork. Will you stand with Mercy Chefs as we stand with the good people of Rolling Fork and neighboring communities? Go here to help sponsor meals for tornado victims and continue other efforts:

What you are helping us do in Rolling Fork and surrounding communities is vital. And the people here are so grateful.