I want you to meet Anatoliy, one of our partners in Ukraine who has a miraculous story of survival on the front lines of this war.

From the first days of the war, Anatoliy helped evacuate those who were in the line of fire. After six months, his truck was hit by a Russian missile. “I shouldn’t have lived, but God saved my life." Watch the video below for the rest of his story:

Now, Anatoliy is helping Mercy Chefs and our partners prepare and deliver hot meals to hundreds of people every day in Eastern Ukraine. This is the heart of the suffering and the heart of the need.

Mercy Chefs and our partners are the only ones serving this entire front lines region. But we need help!

We'll provide thousands of meals in August. Can I count on you? Go here to help sponsor 10, 20 or even 50 meals we'll serve to those who are suffering right now in Ukraine:

Thanks in advance,