The people of Barnsdall, Oklahoma, are full of resiliency and hope. Many in the community volunteer their time in the morning with us, before returning to their own homes in the afternoon to sort through the rubble of what's left behind.

Serving these folks over the past week has been an honor. Over and over, when we handed someone a meal, we heard, "I can't believe this -- a hot, delicious meal for me!"

One Barnsdall resident who was hit hard by the tornado wrote this on Facebook:

"Let's just talk about Mercy Chefs for a minute. I opened up a styrofoam container today to find a huge, pork tenderloin, candied sweet potatoes, a bread stick, green beans and bread pudding. IT. WAS. OUTSTANDING. If I ever have the opportunity to give to that organization, I will. Because they are killing it. I think today was kind of a good day."

She wrote those thoughts on Mother's Day. I hope it warms your heart to know that you helped make Mother's Day a "good day" for families impacted by devastating tornadoes.

Thanks you for your continued prayers and support.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. Perhaps you've heard about the terrible flooding that has hit Brazil. Countless lives have been lost and hundreds of thousands are in need. Mercy Chefs' quick-response Global team is already on the ground, making their way to the heart of the need. Go here for my report: