Yesterday, our team took part in what is called an "ash-out." 

It's when family members return to the ashes and rubble of their homes, often for the first time, to begin sorting through whatever fragments of memories might remain from their burned down homes.

Every time we see the reality of disaster this close up, it's as if time stops. Seeing home after home reduced to ash and barely recognizable scraps of belongings takes your breath away. You don't even want to speak.

Something else always happens. We see hope in the midst of disaster. Which brings us to the "lucky day."

+ + "My lucky day..."

It happened again yesterday. As we were providing meals to the ash-out crews who were helping on the very frontlines of this disaster, our team came upon family in front of their house, or what was left of it. Our Chef Paul described the house as "a couple of folded-over walls and a pile of ashes." Chef Paul offered them a meal, to which they replied, "Oh yes, we haven't had time to eat. We've been so preoccupied with finding stuff."

What happened next cut Chef Paul right to his heart...

The woman walked up to Chef Paul, took the meal, and said, "It's my lucky day." Even though she was standing in front of the barely recognizable remains of her home, that meal -- given in love -- meant the world to that woman.

Watch Chef Paul share this story.

I try to describe to you the impact of your faithfulness as you partner with Mercy Chefs. I do my best to explain with words what these meals do to provide a bridge of hope to a better future for a family that just lost all their earthly belongings.

Simply put, something amazing happens over a shared meal. And something amazing happens when you and I get to be part of that bridge of hope in the midst of disaster.

+ + The fires are spreading. We still need your help

I'm sure you've heard the reports. One of the wildfires is now the largest in California history and thousands of homes and buildings are now being threatened. The Carr fire is still raging, and thousands of families are just barely beginning their long road to recovery.

We still need your help. We'll serve another 2,000 meals today, and again tomorrow. Every day brings another $5,000-$6,000 food bill. Will you prayerfully consider helping Mercy Chefs today?  Please click here or on the banner below to make your tax-deductible gift right now:

Thank you once again for your faithfulness and your partnership with us.