A mom in Mayfield left a comment on our Facebook page yesterday...

It pretty much said more than anything I can share to communicate what we're doing here...

Here's her note...

"Your hot meals have meant the world to me and my family during the past week. God bless you all for being here.
"Also, I love the little note tucked into each bag." 💕

I don't know what specific trials this mom has been through since the tornado struck. Hundreds in Mayfield alone lost their homes. Many tragically lost family, friends or loved ones. And we know that even the thought of trying to recover from such a devastating tragedy can be overwhelming.

Then someone hands you a hot, chef-prepared meal and, in that moment, hope arises again in the soul.

This mom also thanked us for the "little note tucked into" the bag with her meals. Our Mercy Chefs team has been working day and night (at times, around the clock) to prepare hot meals for disaster victims and volunteers. But my team wanted to do even more. So as I shared with you yesterday, they started adding handwritten words of encouragement on sticky notes with each meal delivery. 

Simple notes like this... "Prayers during this time! God loves you!"

And this.... "Enjoy your meal and know it is made with lots of love."

+ + We're serving Christmas dinner to tornado victims!

Today, our team is back at it, providing hot meals to tornado victims in Mayfield and surrounding communities.

We'll be here through Christmas Day and beyond. Members of my team volunteered to give up their holiday time with family to help the people here make it through the holiday with a hot meal. We'll be serving a full Christmas dinner for the community to help the people heal.

Will you help me serve tornado victims this week and through Christmas, including special holiday meals around Christmas Day? Go here to help sponsor hot meals this Christmas for tornado victims while we continue other vital efforts:

If you already helped, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your faithfulness is such a blessing to hurting families who have been clinging to our hot meals like a lifeline of hope.

If you haven't donated to help tornado victims, IT'S NOT TOO LATE! We need help this week all the way through Christmas Day and beyond.

Most of all, pray for these communities. Ask God to bring comfort and hope, especially for the children.

Thanks in advance and God Bless,

Gary LeBlanc

P.S. The mom who left the note on our Facebook page added the "two hearts" emoji:  💕Well, the feeling is mutual. God has knit the hearts of our team with the people in Mayfield. That's why my staff has volunteered to stay through Christmas. Please help us bless tornado victims. Go here: