ACAPULCO UPDATE: We're reaching forgotten communities with the first hot meals they've had since before the hurricane. Please see below and help as you can. --Gary

The situation is still very bleak in Acapulco. Some areas have yet to receive any relief, nearly two weeks after the hurricane struck.

The other day, our team on the ground made it to a village that had not been reached with help. We met a mom who was still working with her son to try to remove the mud from their home. They had no power or running water. And they had not eaten a hot meal since before the hurricane hit.

Thanks to friends like you, we were able to provide this family with hot meals -- the first they had eaten in days!

I want to do more. Our partners have set up distribution sites for hot meals that are reaching into poverty-stricken communities surrounding Acapulco where the need is desperate. Now, I need your help!

Can you help by sponsoring 10 or even 20 hot meals for Acapulco hurricane victims today? Go here:

I wish you could see the faces of parents and children when they receive a hot meal or groceries. The people are so grateful for any help we can provide.

Please help us do more. Thanks in advance, and God bless you richly!

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs