We don't talk about it much, but there's a desperate crisis impacting families -- and especially children -- here at home. Please see below and go here to help hurting families this summer. --Gary

There's a real crisis here at home for families who are struggling to make ends meet...

With food prices continuing to skyrocket (up 12% again this year), far too many moms and dads simply can't put food on the table for their children.

It's shocking that one in eight children in America goes to bed hungry. And the situation is even worse in summer when kids are away from school feeding programs.

+ + Just $35 can send real hope home this summer...

It breaks my heart that neighbors in our own backyard have empty pantries and hungry stomachs. That's why Mercy Chefs is launching our Family Grocery Box program to Send Hope Home to thousands of families.

Each grocery box is full of pantry staples, fresh produce and family-friendly recipes that can help ease the burden for struggling moms and dads.

And here's the amazing thing...

Each Family Grocery Box can provide up to 20 meals for the family

+ + I want to provide 50,000 meals to hurting families

We're launching our Family Grocery Box program this month and I've set a goal of providing at least 50,000 meals to families and their children.

That means we need friends like you to help SPONSOR one, two, three, five or even ten or more families.

{{recipient.first_name_or_friend}}, can I count on your help?

Will you sponsor one family to receive 20 meals ($35), two families (40 meals, $70) or even three families or more? Go here to help feed a hurting family this summer:

Perhaps you would prayerfully consider matching what your family typically spends on groceries in a week,

Of course, every gift will help.

Again, this is very much an unseen crisis for millions of families.

We can help. We can partner together to feed hurting families so kids don't go be hungry.

Thanks in advance for your help.

May God bless you,


P.S. I'd like to get all 50,000 meals fully sponsored before the end of this month. Can you help? Perhaps you can sponsor two, three, five or even ten families. Go here: