Many folks in Puerto Rico are still living in tents! Today, we are reaching some of the forgotten communities that were hardest hit. Please see below and go here to help. -- Gary

Monday Afternoon:

I just connected with our Mercy Chefs team in Puerto Rico, where earthquakes continue to shake the island. Over the weekend, more quakes also brought a tsunami warning. And this morning as our team was picking up supplies, another earthquake hit registering 4.9. They said the shelves were shaking and rocking back and forth. This only added to the anxiety that these daily shakings are causing.

+ + People still living in tents!

The reality is, fear has gripped Puerto Rico. As a result, just about everywhere you go, you'll find people still living in tents. Here's what one of our chefs shared with me:

"Every morning we are reminded of why we are here. Major intersections have dozens of tents in the medians as people are very afraid that another earthquake could occur at any moment. Some sleep in their vehicles with tarps over them for a bit of privacy and to block the sun."

+ + Help me "adopt" forgotten villages

Over the past several days, our Mercy Chefs team has adopted several communities that have been beyond the reach of any relief aid. Some, like the one behind the old abandoned sugar cane factory, say they are always forgotten. Every day, our team arrives with hot meals.

We need your help THIS WEEK to reach these "forgotten" communities and help those who are still sleeping in tents and their vehicles for fear that the next earthquake will cause their homes to fall on them.

Will you prayerfully consider sponsoring 5, 10, 20, 40 or even 100 hot meals so we can reach these forgotten communities and makeshift tent villages in Puerto Rico while we continue other vital efforts? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

Sadly, the government-run programs have the most resources but often do the least good. Over the weekend, news broke that an entire warehouse of hurricane relief supplies had been hidden from the people and only discovered in the past few days. This is why what Mercy Chefs does is so vital. For a fraction of the cost of what the government programs spend, we go DIRECTLY to the need and provide assistance

But to do so, we depend on the faithful partnership of friends like you!

Will you partner with us THIS WEEK to serve hot meals to these forgotten communities and the folks who are camped out in tents and cars due to fear of the next earthquake?

Thank you in advance, and God bless!

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. For just $250, your support can help sponsor an entire village to receive a hot meal today. If the Lord has blessed you financially, a gift of $1,000 will go a long way to help us feed several villages. Of course, every gift will help. Go here: