Good morning! Today is a big day here in Panama City. Yesterday, we exceeded 4,300 meals served and I fully expect we will eclipse that number today. As the word spreads, more and more needs are becoming apparent here. Folks remember Mercy Chefs and are so thankful that we have returned.

Here's my practical reality. When we planned this month-long effort, we expected the demand for meals would likely peak at about 2,000 meals per day. We have more than DOUBLED that estimate and the counts continue to grow. That means we need DOUBLE the support from folks like you.

I'm so grateful for the many friends who have generously contributed to help us this month. The fact is, we still need more help, especially with the need now more than double our initial forecasts.

We'll serve more than 4,300 meals TODAY. Would you prayerfully partner with us so we can help hurricane victims and volunteers while we continue other vital efforts? Please go here to make your tax-deductible contribution:

Every gift will make a difference. Just $30 will help us provide 12 meals; $50 will help sponsor 20 meals; $100 will feed 40 people. Perhaps the Lord has blessed you financially this year and you can give more. A gift of $250 will help us provide 100 meals; $500 will feed 200 people; $1,000 will support the distribution of 400 meals.

+ + Our two-millionth meal to a family that "lost everything"

This is more and more feeling like the worst disaster we have seen in the history of Mercy Chefs. The devastation is still so evident. We recently served our two-millionth meal. The mom who received the meal told us that her home was "completely destroyed" in the storm. After receiving the meal, she then shared that many of those in the community are still suffering greatly:

"There are still children and families that don't have anything to eat. They are going into the woods. It's so sad."

It was a sobering reminder that the need here is still great. Thank you for your prayers on behalf of the people here. And thanks so much for your faithful partnership with us.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc

P.S. As I noted, we'll serve more than twice as many meals today as we initially projected -- more than 4,300! On behalf of the folks here who are still recovering from the storm, thank you so much for partnering with us!

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