This is a big weekend...

TODAY our team on Maui is preparing and delivering Thanksgiving meals and grocery boxes to folks in Lahaina where the wildfires hit with such shocking devastation.

Many in Lahaina are still sifting through the charred remains of their homes. The people of this community are going to need months and even years to recover. That's why Mercy Chefs returns during the holidays to areas hit by disaster. 

Another Mercy Chefs team is in Panama City, Florida, where we continue to help that community recover from Hurricane Michael which hit five years ago. Tomorrow, our team will begin preparing about 2,000 meals that will be distributed across Panama City.

A third Mercy Chefs team is headed to Dallas, Texas, where we will be preparing thousands of Thanksgiving dinners for distribution early next week.

+ + My challenge to you...

Here's what I'm asking every Mercy Chefs friend to consider...

If you haven't done so already, will you take a look at what you'll be spending on your family's Thanksgiving dinner and then MATCH THAT AMOUNT with an equal gift to help us feed families this holiday season? Go here to sponsor hurting families to receive a full holiday meal:

Your gift of $60 will help us feed THREE FAMILIES OF FOUR this Thanksgiving. Perhaps you can do more and feed five families ($100) or even 10 families ($200).

Every gift will help us feed families this holiday season.

Thank you so much for partnering with us, and may God bless you!

Gary LeBlanc

P.S. Again, I'm hoping you will match what you'll spend on your family's Thanksgiving with a corresponding gift to help Mercy Chefs feed families this holiday season. Go here to help: