With both Vice President Harris and former President Trump visiting the border region within a week of each other, media attention is returning to our nation's border.

I'm not sure the media will cover what we're seeing in McAllen, Texas.

As you know, for three months, Mercy Chefs has been serving hot meals to those who are caught in the crossfire of this multi-national storm. Most of those who we are serving are women and children -- mothers who are coming to America and facing enormous challenges as they follow the legal channels to come here. It's all so heartbreaking. The children often just cry. The only thing that stops the crying is a hot meal and fresh fruit.

That's what we're doing at the border. We're feeding hurting people who are caught in this crossfire. 

+ + One of our most challenging deployments...

This deployment has been one of the most challenging in Mercy Chefs' history. First, McAllen is very far south -- 240 miles south of San Antonio! In many ways, this can feel like an overseas deployment due to the difficulty of getting the resources we need. Also, there are so many emotions involved. Everyone is upset about what's happening. Yet what I see are hurting children and their moms who need help.

When we started three months ago, we didn't know we'd still be deployed well into summer, with no end in sight. Earlier this month, we served our 60,000th meal. This week, we've averaged about 1,400 meals per day, and everyone we talk to says the crisis and the need could worsen in the coming weeks.

+ + I need your help in a big way...

But to keep meeting this need -- and to reach even more hurting families -- I urgently need help between now and the end of the month.

I'm turning to friends like you once again. Right now, this is the face of the most urgent need in our nation. I can't turn away from these moms and especially their children whose faces light up when we hand them some fresh fruit. It breaks my heart. Will you partner with me right now to help these families? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

As much as anywhere Mercy Chefs has served, in McAllen we are seeing the power and importance of a hot meal. The entire atmosphere changes when we start serving meals. Hopelessness turns to hope. Downcast faces light up. And the sound of children weeping is replaced by peace.

Will you help? Please pray and go here.

Thanks and God bless,

Gary LeBlanc

P.S. I wish you could see what I saw in McAllen. The moms. The children. The hurt. And how a Mercy Chefs meal (or even a piece of fresh fruit) brings hope. This week, the number of meals we're serving in McAllen increased again. We're facing the reality of serving thousands of meals in the coming week, but our expenses are mounting. I need help in an urgent way. Please sponsor 10, 20, 50, or even 100 meals by going here: