As we have been wrapping up our Dallas deployment, I have been closely monitoring the rapidly developing crisis in California where the wildfires are reaching what the governor is calling "historic" and "unprecedented" levels.

Winds over the weekend have been gusting to hurricane-force levels in some places and over 100,000 have already been evacuated. Relief agencies are now estimating that as many as 300 shelters and feeding sites may be opened.

Mercy Chefs is responding.

Today, I'm flying to California to coordinate efforts without partners on the ground. Also today, we will get Mercy One reset for this deployment and on the road. I will be looking for a local church to serve as our base of operations, but with massive power outages impacting the fire-stricken regions, our mobile kitchen capabilities could prove to be invaluable.

Mercy Chefs is gearing up for a major deployment. Given the fact that we have been deployed already this fall for three disasters, WE ARE DEPENDING ON THE GENEROSITY AND SUPPORT OF FRIENDS LIKE YOU IN A BIG WAY!

Can you help? Go here to make a tax-deductible gift to help Mercy Chefs provide hot meals to California wildfire victims, emergency personnel and volunteers while we continue other vital efforts:

These wildfires are impacting hundreds of thousands of people. California Governor Gavin Newsome said that "fire weather conditions are unprecedented due to the scale, scope, wind speed and dry fuel conditions." A new fire erupted overnight in Sherman Oaks and the winds increased the massive Kincade Fire that is already responsible for 180,000 people being under an evacuation order.

Please help. I'll be in contact soon with more details from on the ground in California.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Founder and President
Mercy Chefs