We're approaching the end of the month and here's our situation...

This month, Mercy Chefs teams will serve well over 10,000 meals to recovering disaster victims, volunteers and hurting children. Every day, our team is creating and serving a "lifeline of hope" through these hot meals.

As of this morning, we are still short of our budgeted funding need for February with just a few days left in the month. And here's where it could get real challenging.

+ + Early tornado season expected to be twice as bad this year

March is the official beginning of tornado season in America, and experts are already predicting a busier-than-normal season. More specifically, AccuWeather has released its prediction that March will see "more than double the average number of tornadoes." That means we must be ready -- and we certainly can't afford to fall behind our funding need as we head into what could be a very active start to the tornado season.

Will you help? I'm hoping to make up or even exceed our budgeted funding need for February before the end of the weekend.

This week, we're serving hot meals to disaster victims and needy children -- and we need your helpGo here to make your tax-deductible gift to help meet our need so we can continue these efforts and be ready for what could be a very busy tornado season:

I'm so grateful for your prayers and your faithful partnership. We depend on the generosity and support of friends like you who make it possible for us to "feed body and soul" in so many ways and for so many people every day.

God bless you!

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. If you missed my interview with HeartThreads in which I shared how Mercy Chefs started, click here or on the image below. And thanks for partnering with Mercy Chefs as we serve more than 10,000 meals this month and prepare for what could be an extremely difficult start to the tornado season.