The situation at the border is chaotic at best.

You may have noticed over the weekend that media pressure from all sides is mounting because of the humanitarian crisis that is worsening. But based on our experience these past few days, what you are hearing on the news barely begins to tell the story.

There is palpable confusion on all sides. Fear is almost overwhelming. We are serving mostly mothers and their children, many of whose lives have been in danger of being exposed to the
gangs of Central and South America. They are coming with nothing, and they are desperately afraid. People are hoarding anything they can get their hands on. On top of all this, the COVID threat is real. Immediately after they get off the bus they have to be tested. If anyone in their family is positive, they are moved to a holding facility. 

We're working with ministries in McAllen that are providing some semblance of stability in this chaotic situation. A place for a shower. Some fresh clothes. And thanks to you, something to eat!

Our first Mercy Chefs meals were served on Saturday. We saw an increase yesterday. Right now, we're serving as many meals as we can given the facilities constraints. But the need is much greater and I must move quickly to expand our capacity.

This is a critical week for our border deployment. I'm turning to dear friends like you for help...

Will you partner with Mercy Chefs to help those caught in the crossfire of this tragedy? Just $50 will help us provide 20 hot meals starting this weekend. Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

Again, we're mostly serving mothers and their children. I know this is a difficult situation. All the major news outlets covered this humanitarian crisis over the weekend. I don't know how the political crisis will be resolved. But right now, we have hurting people -- mostly moms and their children -- who need help.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your partnership.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs