Friday from the Ukrainian border

For those who are in the cities inside Ukraine that are under siege, this war is only getting worse. We continue to hear heartbreaking stories of people who have been without a real meal for days, living in their basements, just hoping to survive the night. 

+ + Getting food to a city that was cut off by Russian troops...

Just days ago, the city of Sumy (between Kharkiv and Kyiv) was cut off. This put those remaining of the city's quarter million residents in peril. Thankfully, the Ukrainian army was able to create a safe corridor so we immediately sent a truck to Sumy loaded with supplies.

Things change rapidly here. Our team has to be ready to move as much food and resources to key locations as fast as we can as soon as we get the opportunity.

Today, another huge truckload of food left our warehouse for Ukraine. We'll repeat this throughout the weekend. The fact is, Mercy Chefs is at the front end of a vital supply line that is helping to feed tens of thousands inside Ukraine every day! People on the front lines of this war are depending on Mercy Chefs TODAY!

This is a practical way you can help the people of Ukraine who are suffering on the front lines of this horrible war THIS WEEKEND! Every shipment we make is dependent on the generosity of friends like you. Can I count on your support? Go here to make a tax-deductible gift to help feed Ukraine war victims and continue other vital efforts.

+ + Thanks to you, we're helping deep inside Ukraine

In this midst of this tragic war, I'm still amazed by the window of opportunity that has opened to Mercy Chefs and our partners to get hundreds of thousands of pounds of food deep inside Ukraine to the front lines of the war. Every day, we are working to reach the most people with the best possible food and vital resources. Every day, we hear stories of the growing desperation of those who are trying to survive at the epicenter of this war. And every day, we rely on friends like you to keep this lifeline of hope going!

Thank you for your prayers. And thanks in advance for any help you can provide as we reach tens of thousands of Ukrainians this weekend.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. Both of these photos were taken during our delivery in Sumy, which has been surrounded by Russian troops. The people there were so grateful to receive much-needed relief. Help us reach more Ukrainians today and through this weekend. Go here:

P.P.S. Mercy Chefs is is also deploying to New Orleans in response to the tornado that struck that city earlier this week. We'll be serving meals to tornado victims starting tomorrow. This will stretch our resources. If you can help with our tornado response, go here and thanks so much: