Mercy Chefs continues to expand our COVID-19 crisis response. Here are the latest updates:

Current Status:

Last week: 37,000 people served

Meals to-date (est): over 250,000


  • Citizen Church - Maui, HI
  • Pensacola Dream Center - Pensacola, FL
  • New Destiny Christian Center - Apopka, FL
  • Real Life Christian Church - Claremont, FL
  • Noon Day Kitchen - Hoke County, NC (outside of Fayetteville)
  • New Spring Church - Columbia, SC
  • New Spring Church - Florence, SC
  • Life Church - Memphis, TN
  • Christian Culinary Institute - Canon Beach, OR
  • First United Methodist - Claremore, OK 
  • Light of Hope - Claremore, OK
  • Guts Church - Tulsa, OK
  • Gateway Church & Care Center Ministries - Dallas, TX
  • Cornerstone Baptist Church - Dallas, TX
  • Honolua United Methodist Church - Lahaina, Maui HI 
  • Seneca, SC (now three locations)
  • Las Vegas, NV

Archive of updates on coronavirus outreach


May 13--

On Monday, our Virginia community kitchen served its 100,000th meal since the beginning of this coronavirus crisis. 

Later today, we will reach a total of 300,000 Mercy Chefs meals -- including the meal box distribution and our response to the Chattanooga tornado -- since this crisis began. It makes me think of these words from Ephesians...

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us..." --Ephesians 3:20

When this crisis started, we asked the Lord to use Mercy Chefs and our team members across the country to make a difference. We started with our Virginia community kitchen. Before we knew it, that one kitchen was serving 1,000 then 2,000 then 3,000 meals every day, and the meals were going out across about a 100-mile region. The numbers have continued to escalate. This week, our Virginia kitchen will serve 15,000 meals.

April 24--

As of earlier today, the total for our Virginia-based coronavirus response team reached an astounding 67,420 people reached!

And we'll be adding at least two new locations in the coming week. Plus, the scope of the crisis is only increasing. Thank you so much for your help!

April 20--

The area we are reaching in South Dallas urgently needs help. This is a very depressed region. These folks already live in a "food desert" and now with the coronavirus crisis, food is even more difficult to come by. We must reach these folks. In Virginia, today we were asked to increase our meal count by another 1,000 meals a day and they expect the need to continue for weeks to come.

April 16--

Our Dallas location had a line of cars two miles long yesterday. The demand was so great that our team on the ground eventually ran out of food, forcing us to put in an order to restock. In Seneca (SC) food is being distributed by our church partner there into some of the hardest hit areas that were devastated by tornadoes this weekend. In Virginia, we just crossed 50,000 meals and our team there continues to serve as a central hub for relief across a 100-mile span.

Hawaii and Virginia teams:

Cars line up in Dallas:

April 15--

We are now serving 17 total locations, and the phone keeps ringing. Our Pensacola team is loving the food resources that Mercy Chefs is providing for the meal packages that are going out to needy families and elderly shut-ins. Here are a few of the photos they sent.

Pensacola outreach photos:

April 13--

Deliveries are happening all over the country today and this week. We are now in a total of 16 locations, as the phone keeps ringing. We just added Dallas (TX) and expect to continue adding communities as the need only increases.

Here is a testimony from our partners in the Orlando area:

“I just wanted to send you a personal message to say thank you so very much for the food that came! I cannot believe how beautiful this product is and how many senior citizens who are shut in this going to bless in the north part of our county who haven’t gotten any food since this crisis started just thank you so much for thinking of us we love you guys and be praying for you!"

Steve Elliott


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