As expected, the demand for Mercy Chefs meals in response to the coronavirus crisis has increased this week. Every day this week, we're serving up to 3,000 meals -- up about 50 percent over last week. And the meals are reaching far and wide to some folks who otherwise may not have received help.

For example, our team heard about a 90-year-old woman who lives in a remote area that is beyond any delivery service. So our team started delivering meals directly to her. We're seeing these type of outreaches happening throughout the region, with some meals reaching hurting people 50 miles away or more.


+ + Serving the needs of firefighters and police officers

This week, we started helping local firefighters and police officers who are on the front lines of this crisis. Because of their service in the community, many have become exposed to COVID-19 which has required others to cover for them and work double shifts. All this while the number of calls has been increasing. Quite frankly, many of them seemed tired due to the long hours, yet the worst of the crisis hasn't even hit this region. 

These firefighters and police officers were so grateful to receive Mercy Chefs meals. Because of our commitment to provide high-quality, safe meals, they told us they didn't have to eat MREs (military-style rations). 

I want to do more. I want to reach more people and provide even more meals during what is already an unprecedented nationwide crisis. But to do so, I need your help. Will you partner with Mercy Chefs in a special way today so we can serve 15,000 meals this week and tens of thousands more in the weeks to come during this crisis? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift to help Mercy Chefs respond to the coronavirus crisis while we continue other vital efforts:

+ + Lockdown Into June...

On Monday, Virginia's Governor announced a new "stay home" order that will be in effect through June 10. That means we must be prepared for weeks of service to this community. That's tens of thousands of meals. Meanwhile, we are hearing reports of other areas of the country that are being hit very hard. With millions losing their jobs and facing unemployment, the worst is yet to come.

Yet in the midst of this crisis, I believe this is our time to stand in faith and reach out in love to our neighbors. People are afraid, yet their hearts are open. Will you help me provide a lifeline of hope through chef-prepared meals to needy children, hurting families and the elderly who have been shut in by this crisis? Go here.

Thanks in advance for your support, and for your prayers.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. As I noted, our daily meal service increased by about 50% over last week. We're serving people far and wide, while also helping the local firefighters. And based on what we can see, the need is getting ready to explode. Can you help? Please go here to make your tax-deductible gift: