Update on Ukraine Crisis:

We have an opportunity to address a CRITICAL NEED for babies inside Ukraine. Please see below and HELP BABIES IN UKRAINE TODAY by going here. --Gary

A few days ago, our team working deep inside Ukraine was confronted with a serious crisis -- there is NO baby formula to be found inside Ukraine and the hospitals are desperately searching for baby formula. This is one of the top needs in hospitals inside Ukraine.

The challenge is, there is a baby formula shortage across the entire region. After we couldn't find any supplies of formula in Europe, we expanded our search worldwide. Nothing turned up until yesterday when we learned we could obtain 4,000 cans of baby formula from a supplier in the Netherlands.

Just one problem...

The price of baby formula has skyrocketed in recent days and weeks -- reaching as high as $50 or more per can in some places!

Thankfully, our supplier was willing to provide the baby formula at well below the current street market price. But I was still faced with a decision to spend tens of thousands of dollars in order to get baby formula to hospitals inside Ukraine!

The need is so great at the hospitals that, yesterday, I authorized the purchase of all 4,000 cans. The formula arrives at our warehouse on the border of Ukraine this coming Monday and will be getting to hospitals inside Ukraine and these babies early next week.

Now, I'm once again turning to friends like you...

In addition to providing tens of thousands of meals for refugees and those inside Ukraine, will you help me get critically needed baby formula to hospitals in the Ukraine war zone that are struggling to feed babies? Go here to make your gift to support Ukraine relief and help feed babies inside Ukraine:

This is a crisis unlike any we have faced. The logisitics surrounding providing a pipeline of food and resources for the flood of refugees is quite complex. But add to that our efforts to feed and support tens of thousands deep inside Ukraine and we are facing a challenge we have never encountered.

Please pray for the people of Ukraine.

And pray for our team and our partners. The challenge is almost overwhelming, but God is opening doors!

Thanks in advance, and God bless you,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. On top of everything else, it is still extremely cold across Ukraine. Many areas had snowfall last night. Food and basic necessities are in critically short supply. Mercy Chefs and our partners are providing a lifeline of practical relief to refugees and those suffering inside Ukraine. Please help! Go here: