I never dreamed I would see this...

Over the weekend while in Haiti, we visited the city of Onaville -- which is about a mile and a half from the mission which is home to our Mercy Chefs kitchen that was recently destroyed by fire.

+ + A tent city... transformed!

A few years ago, Onaville was nothing more than a "tent city" -- a place the poorest of the poor in Haiti were relocating in hopes of a better life. Providentially, God placed our kitchen just a short distance from this tent city. And over the years, that tent city has become a real city of 90,000 residents with homes and buildings and businesses. 

How did it happen?

In large part due to the support system facilitated by the Mercy Chefs kitchen which has fed countless missions teams who have come to Haiti and literally helped build the city!

Haiti is full of tragic stories of loss and corruption and mismanagement. This mission and the Mercy Chefs kitchen, which is at the center of everything, is one of the greatest success stories I have ever seen!

I was deeply moved as I walked the streets of a city that was built in large part through a local mission that had a vision for restoring human dignity. And at the center of that vision has stood a kitchen that has served over 800,000 meals in support of the mission work and another million or more to the local community.

As you know, the kitchen is gone now. Lost in a fire.

We are still finalizing our cost estimates. But after a few days here on the ground, I know rebuilding this kitchen will cost at least DOUBLE what we initially projected

I need your help in a special way. Our expected costs just doubled. We don't have the funds in our budget or this project, but I must rebuild this kitchen! Please prayerfully consider how you can help, and go here now to make your tax-deducible gift to help Mercy Chefs rebuild this kitchen and continue other vital efforts:

This is a GREAT WORK! I wish every member of our Mercy Chefs family could see the miracle that is taking place as a result of your generosity!

Rebuilding our kitchen is about much more than one kitchen. This is about providing one of the key pieces of infrastructure for an amazing story of transformation that is taking place. We initially built the kitchen to help support up to 4,000 people. It now brings support to over 100,000 people!

It's going to be a steep cost to rebuild. But the reward in lives changed will be ten-fold, fifty-fold, or even a hundred-fold! 

Thank you for your prayers, and your prayerful consideration.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Founder

P.S. The young girl pictured above is one of the 600 students in the school that is supported by the kitchen. The smile on her face is all the motivation we need to get this kitchen rebuilt. Also, very soon mission teams from the U.S. will be arriving. That's why I want to get the kitchen rebuilt by early June if at all possible. With our estimated costs likely doubling, we need your help! Go here to make your tax-deductible gift as the Lord leads.

Watch my video report from Haiti.