As I write, Ann and I and our Mercy Chefs team recently arrived in Dayton, Ohio -- one of the epicenters of the "swarm" of hundreds of tornadoes that have ravaged Ohio and the Midwest in recent weeks.

Earlier this week, a massive EF-4 tornado with wind speeds of up to 170mph ripped through Dayton and nearby Beavercreek, leaving a trail of destruction in its path. In Beavercreek alone, an estimated 1,000 homes and buildings have sustained damage, with hundreds having enough damage to possibly be uninhabitable or even a total loss.

Dayton and Beavercreek were among the hardest hit regions during this unprecedented rash of tornadoes that may have broken all records for sheer number of tornadoes. Mercy Chefs has been asked to come to Dayton and provide hot meals to disaster relief volunteers for the next several days. We are setting up our base of operations at the Dayton Vineyard Church in Beavercreek, and I fully expect our team will be on the ground in Dayton for at least the next 10-14 days.

As I shared with you earlier this week, we have been closely monitoring these storms, as well as the Midwest flooding, and have been preparing for an immediate response.

Now, I need your help! Will you prayerfully consider making your best possible gift to Mercy Chefs right now as we rush to deploy and provide assistance in response to the Ohio tornadoes and continue other vital efforts? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift to help provide hot meals THIS WEEKEND:

Your support is absolutely CRITICAL right now. As you know, Mercy Chefs is in the final stages of launching our largest re-deployment to help Florida hurricane victims. But I must respond to this critical need in Ohio as we have been asked to come to Dayton and provide hot meals to volunteers.

We will start serving meals TOMORROW for lunch! That means your gift right now will make a difference immediately as we deploy in Ohio and continue other vital efforts. Just $50 can help provide 20 meals; $100 feeds 40 people. Perhaps the Lord has blessed you, and you can sponsor 100 ($250), 200 ($500), or even 400 meals ($1,000).

As always, please PRAY for the victims. Pray for the relief workers and volunteers. And pray for the Mercy Chefs team that the Lord will use us to "feed body and soul" as we offer hot meals in the midst of crisis.

Thank you for partnering with Mercy Chefs, and God bless!

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. This "swarm" of tornadoes that has ripped through the Midwest is unprecedented. Dayton and Beavercreek are among the hardest hit regions, with an EF-4 (170mph winds) striking these communities earlier this week. We will be on the ground TODAY, serving the first hot meals TOMORROW. Will you sponsor 10, 20, 40, 100 or more meals and partner with Mercy Chefs as we fill this urgent need? Go here, and thanks in advance: