Mercy Chefs is deploying to Guatemala. In the aftermath of the devastating Volcán de Fuego eruption that buried homes in volcanic ash and killed approximately 200 people this week, we're sending a team to the Central American nation on Saturday.

We'll be working with a church 30 minutes from the volcano that has opened its doors to victims and first responders. It's a very impoverished area, so the congregation simply doesn't have the resources to effectively deal with a disaster of this magnitude. Right now, the pastor, his staff and volunteers are doing what they can to provide rice, beans and whatever else they have for 1,000 people being housed by the church.

The Mercy Chefs team will fly to Guatemala on Saturday morning, visit the church on Sunday, and try to begin feeding people as soon as possible. We will have a Spanish-speaking chef with us and carry a large supply of water-purification straws with us. Acid rain is affecting the drinking water around the volcano due to the dust, dirt and volcanic ash in the air. So, we want to help victims and first responders stay hydrated.

You're a critical part of our success, test. We simply can't feed body and soul in disaster zones without your continued prayers and generous financial support. So please, click here or on the link below to support Mercy Chefs' Guatemala outreach with your tax-deductible gift:

This is the first time in Mercy Chefs' 12-year history that we have deployed to Guatemala. It also will be our first experience responding to a volcanic eruption. That's why your support at this critical time is so important to our success feeding body and soul.

It typically costs Mercy Chefs about $2.50 to prepare and serve a hot, nutritious meal in a disaster area. That means your $50 donation can bless 20 people with a hot, nutritious meal, while $25 can feed 10 victims, first responders and volunteers. But our team will incur significant travel, housing and other expenses responding to Central America. So, your tax-deductible gift of ANY AMOUNT today is urgently needed and greatly appreciated! Please click here to help now.

Volcán de Fuego is Spanish for "Volcano of Fire," and that's exactly what this disaster rained down on thousands of people in Guatemala. We saw a need and are responding as best we can. Your partnership, right now, is vital to our success. Please help us feed body and soul in Central America. Go here to make a tax-deductible donation of any amount to support Mercy Chefs' Guatemala outreach, as we continue other vital efforts.

Steve Elliott


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