Hurricane Dorian

With a major hurricane strike now expected, we need your help as we prepare to mobilize our team

Hurricane Dorian is now strengthening over the Caribbean with nearly all the projected paths taking this storm over the southeast United States coast as a major hurricane. Models indicate it could strike the Florida Coast as a Category 3 or stronger storm.

Mercy Chefs is already making preparations for the potential of a major landfall on the East Coast. We are positioning our kitchens to be within a day's drive of any potential strike in the range of the current forecast models. The pre-deployment phase is one of the more critical times for Mercy Chefs. In order to meet the potential need most effectively, we must mobilize our mobile kitchens, staff and resources in anticipation of a storm strike. We certainly could use your help during this critical phase.

With a major landfall now expected, we are asking for your help. We must commit resources and staffing well in advance of the full deployment in order to maximize our impact. Complete the form below to help Mercy Chefs mobilize in response to this imminent threat!

(Storm track image from National Hurricane Center.)

To support Mercy Chefs by check, please print this page and mail it with your check to: Mercy Chefs, c/o Grassroots Action, P.O. Box 9095, Chesapeake, VA 23321


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