For many, desperation is setting in. Thirty million people recently lost their jobs. And the calls and emails asking for help are flooding into our office. Please see below.  --Gary

It's hard to even open our Mercy Chefs email some days. Since we are in so many communities now, folks are hearing about Mercy Chefs and reaching out to us for help.

One woman who contacted us shared that she has a very serious health condition, but her doctors suspended the treatments during the COVID crisis. Her family had just moved into a new apartment a few weeks ago when her husband lost his job. Now they are struggling during their state's lockdown just to put food on the table. She's asking if we can "help with a few meals" -- what she calls a "hand up not a hand out" -- as they navigate this difficult season. We are working on getting some help to her family.

That's just one email. I could read many more. And the phone calls for help keep coming. The fact is, many are facing very serious situations right now, and we know that the economic ramifications of the coronavirus crisis are just beginning. The latest unemployment numbers pushed the total of people who recently lost their jobs to over 30 million. This is unprecedented. All across the country, people are lining up for meals just to make it through.

We're finding many opportunities to help, but the need is greater than our current resources, and any additional response requires additional resources. This week alone, we have fed more than 75,000 people. That could possibly DOUBLE in the next few weeks if we had the funds.

I know these are tough times. I'm sure many of our faithful friends are facing some of these same economic challenges. But perhaps for others, the Lord is blessing you during this crisis and you can help or even increase your support. If so, please prayerfully consider how you can help, and then go here to make your tax-deductible gift directly to Mercy Chefs:

I'm only asking because the need is so great -- because the calls and emails keep coming. If you can help this weekend, it would be a great blessing to so many -- the desperate families who just found out that one or both parents lost jobs; the hurting kids who are innocent victims in all this; the elderly shut-ins who feel so isolated and alone.

Thank you for your partnership. And thank you for your prayers on behalf of our teams and the folks your support is helping during these challenging times.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc