Mercy Chefs is immediately DEPLOYING to Rock Valley, Iowa, where massive rains and a levee breach have caused devastating, record flooding.

+ + Immediate and urgent need

The flood stage on the Rock River that runs through this town in northwest Iowa reached 27.64 feet --  nearly FIVE FEET above the previous high. As a result, the flooding caused a complete disruption of electricity and running water. An estimated 1,900 homes and properties have been damaged across the state.

This has created an immediate and urgent need for hot meals for families and disaster teams.

+ + We are deploying...

Local leaders in Rock Valley asked Mercy Chefs to come and provide food service for thousands of people who need help. As I write, Mercy Chefs teams are deploying to Rock Valley and will begin providing hot meals beginning this Saturday.

I am expecting that Mercy Chefs will be providing 5,000 meals daily to flood victims, volunteers and disaster workers.

Can you help?

Every meal we serve in the midst of a disaster is made possible by friends like you. Go here now to sponsor hot meals for Iowa flood victims:

Rock Valley is a small, close-knit farming community that was immediately thrown into shock as the sirens began blaring at 2 AM when the levee breach became imminent. The breach caused a rush of floodwaters unlike anything anyone had ever seen. Now, the folks here are just beginning to sort through what to do next.

This is precisely why Mercy Chefs exists -- to stand in the gap for those impacted by disaster and hardship. Sadly, a very active spring storm season has now moved into summer. Officials are bracing for more flooding in the coming days, and hurricane season is just now getting started.

We need help! This is our eighth deployment since late April. Our resources have been stretched. But we simply must respond -- especially when a community contacts us and asks for help.

Thank you for making it possible for Mercy Chefs to go directly to those impacted by disaster. We serve on the frontlines because you send us!

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. Go here to help sponsor 20 meals ($70), 30 meals ($105), or more for Iowa families impacted by the flooding:

(Photo source: Chris VB via Reuters)