We are now facing a DUAL DISASTER THREAT that spans the entire country. As you know, Mercy Chefs is currently deployed in California to fight the massive Dixie Fire, which has now consumed more than 700,000 acres. Now, we're closely watching Tropical Storm Henri which is expected to strengthen into a hurricane before hitting New England this weekend.

Yesterday, we began moving one of our mobile kitchens into position for a potential deployment in the Northeast. I also have an entire chef team on alert. A third chef team is already preparing to bring relief to our team in California. That means we have three chef teams either currently serving meals or preparing to serve.

This is precisely why Mercy Chefs exists -- to be ready on a moment's notice to respond to disasters. But to do so, I need YOUR HELP.

Will you partner with me THIS WEEKEND as we continue to provide hot meals to fire victims in California while we prepare for a possible hurricane deployment in the Northeast? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

This is a very challenging time. Mercy Chefs has never been this close to the front lines of a wildfire. We've already had to relocate where our team was sleeping due to the fire. Now, I need to prepare for a potential hurricane to make landfall in the Northeast while we continue to serve meals to the fire victims. I could really use your help this weekend. Go here, and see below for more details on our Dixie Fire response.


P.S. If you're wondering how big of an area 700,000 acres is, it would be as if the Dixie Fire burned a swath one mile wide from New York City to St. Louis! This is a massive fire and it is growing by the hour. Please help us serve the victims who have been evacuated from their homes.

P.P.S. Right now, Henri has New England directly in the center of the cone. The last time a major storm hit the northeast (Super Storm Sandy), it was devastating. We have to prepare for the worst and pray for the best. All this while we're still serving meals THREE TIMES DAILY to fire victims in California. PLEASE HELP! Go here.

(Image from National Hurricane Center)

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