As you know, Mercy Chefs and our partners have been increasing our relief efforts in hard-hit cities inside Turkey, reaching thousands of people every day.

Well, this week we had another major breakthrough...

+ + Doors opening inside Syria!

Areas in northern Syria were also decimated by the earthquakes. Due to the extremely unstable political environment, less news has gotten out about conditions inside Syria. Many fear that the death toll and damage reports are much worse than what has been reported. To make matters worse, Syria's civil war created desperate conditions even before the earthquakes hit.

Plus, it has been difficult to near-impossible to get relief aid into Syria. 

We have been asking the Lord to open doors to help earthquake victims in Syria, and now the doors are opening!

A few days ago, we connected with trusted friends working inside Syria. They have rescued hundreds of women, orphaned children, and fathers out of the rubble and are now facing an urgent need to provide food, shelter, and blankets to earthquake victims. I'm thrilled to report that Mercy Chefs is coming alongside our friends inside Syria to do what we do best -- feed people who have lost everything.


About a week ago, we began partnering to provide meals to earthquake victims in Syria -- mostly women and orphaned children. Today, we are helping to feed nearly 1,500 people a day -- folks who are among the hardest hit by this disaster and have received the least support.

+ + Will you help us reach into Syria this weekend?

{{recipient.first_name_or_friend}}, our work inside Syria is in addition to Mercy Chefs' container kitchen in Antakya and other outreaches across Turkey. Simply put, we need help from friends like you as we continue to reach thousands of earthquake victims every day in Turkey and now inside Syria!

Will you help me THIS WEEKEND? We need at least 500 friends standing with us in the next 48 hours just to meet the needs right in front of us. Go here to sponsor meals for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria:

Already, through our partners, Mercy Chefs has helped feed over 6,700 earthquake victims in Syria. This is an amazing OPEN DOOR to reach those who are suffering the most right now.

Please pray for the people in both Syria and Turkey. And help as you are able.

God Bless You,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. Will you be among the 500 friends who help make it possible for Mercy Chefs to continue reaching out across Turkey and now into Syria over the next 48 hours? Go here to help earthquake victims: