I just heard a report out of Turkey that broke my heart...

There are still dozens of babies and young children who were rescued from the rubble and have not yet been reunited with a family member. 

During the chaos and confusion of those first days after the earthquakes, rescue officials often could only note where the young children were found. More than a month after the earthquakes struck, The Wall Street Journal reports that hospitals and officials are still working to find parents or family members for these kids. In all, nearly 2,000 children -- hundreds of them too young to talk -- were rescued without any connection to a family member.

Everything about this tragic earthquake is devastating. The impact this disaster has had on the children makes what has happened even more painful.

Through our partners, Mercy Chefs is feeding thousands every day in Turkey and Syria. We're helping families who have lost everything, orphaned children caught in the crossfire of this disaster, and others who are just trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

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Over the past month, Mercy Chefs and our partners have provided tens of thousands of meals to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. The need is still very urgent. Please pray for the people who have lost loved ones or have been separated from family members or have lost their homes and livelihoods. And help as you can.

Thank you and may God bless you,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

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Source: Wall Street Journal