As our Mercy Chefs team continues to provide hot meals to hard-hit communities here in Puerto Rico, we are hearing of areas of intense need.

+ + Elderly care facility with no power or meals

For example, we learned of an elderly care facility with 92 people that has had no power and no hot meals since the hurricane struck. Mercy Chefs is now providing food daily to this facility.

Also, you may have heard about the bridge that was swept away by the storm. It's in the town of Utaudo, one of the hardest hit communities on the island and likely one of the last to have power restored. Today, we delivered meals to the people of Utaudo.

Every day, we hear of another urgent situation. And every day, our staff is working to reach those who are hurting.

This weekend, I need your help as we provide hot meals and drinking water to thousands of Hurricane Fiona victims here in Puerto Rico.

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The conditions here are very difficult. Imagine staring at three feet of mud in your home, and no power, and you can't drink the water. Then someone walks up and hands you a chef-prepared meal. That meal provides practical relief, and hope. Because someone cares enough to pay for, cook and deliver a high-quality meal at their point of greatest need.

This is the mission of Mercy Chefs. Thanks in advance for your help this weekend, and God bless.

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs