The nationwide coronavirus crisis is creating more need for Mercy Chefs in more places than we have ever seen.

Today, Mercy Chefs and our partners are providing meals to hundreds of families in the hard-hit military community of Hoke County, North Carolina -- just in time for Easter.
And yesterday, we made arrangements to add Dallas to the growing list of communities for which Mercy Chefs is providing meals during this crisis. As I write, we are now approaching a dozen communities who will be receiving 30,000-40,000 meals a week -- and my phone keeps ringing.

I always want to answer "YES" when the calls come, but to do so I need help from friends like you. Will you partner with me as we expand to meet the ever-growing need created by this coronavirus crisis? Your support today will help Mercy Chefs provide meals for hurting families and elderly shut ins immediately. Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

+ + Crisis disrupting the nation's food network...

This coronavirus crisis has wreaked havoc on the nation's food distribution networks. You may be hearing the reports of farmers who are having to waste their produce while in many communities people are waiting in long lines for food. This is the worst disruption of the food network that I've ever seen. Thankfully, because of our strong relationship with food distributors combined with our network of volunteers on the ground from coast to coast, Mercy Chefs is helping to fill the void and get the food to those in urgent need.

And please understand: we're not handing out MREs or dry cereal. Every family receives all the fixings for high-quality meals complete with protein (chicken, hamburger), a starch and fresh produce. The families in Hoke County will have high-quality meals for Easter tomorrow because of you!

Finally, with Easter upon us, as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, let's join together in asking for God to do a mighty work of deliverance for our nation. God is a miracle working God, and there's no better time than Easter for this nation to look to Him for the way through this crisis.

God bless and Happy Easter!

Gary LeBlanc

P.S. These photos are of our team in Hoke County as they prepare distributions to families for this weekend. Expanding into Dallas means we need even more help from our friends and partners to meet the growing need. Will you help us reach out to families who are facing financial difficulties and the elderly who are now shut in by this virus? Together, we can help provide 30,000-40,000 meals over the next week alone and tens of thousands more in the coming weeks. Thanks in advance, and go here to help: