Winds over the weekend have continued to rip through northern New Mexico, causing wildfires to spread rapidly and putting more communities at risk.

Yesterday, Mercy Chefs fed evacuees who had no idea if their homes were still standing or had been burned to the ground. One woman tried to describe the wild emotional swings she is feeling: one moment she is smiling and the next she finds herself breaking down in tears. Yesterday on Mother's Day, we served a mom who has five children (four under the age of 4) and was forced to evacuate. Like many, she has no idea what her future holds.

Several more square miles were consumed by the fires yesterday and we began feeding even more evacuees. In addition to the evacuees, Mercy Chefs is providing meals to a fire team from Montana that is flying helicopters into the line of the fire. There are 1,500 firefighters here, many from California. The swirling nature of the winds is making fighting these fires even more challenging for emergency personnel.

+ + We are adding more fire-ravaged communities

Over the weekend we provided meals to disaster victims and emergency workers in Angel Fire and Taos. Today, we are adding more communities as the fires spread and the need grows. 

Will you help Mercy Chefs today as we provide hot meals to families evacuating from these wildfires as well as emergency personnel who are working long hours to save communities? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

Due to the winds, this is a very fluid and ever-changing situation. Mercy Chefs is here and we are responding to the need. We are adding additional sites today and I expect we will be feeding even more families who are evacuating in the coming days.

Please help and PLEASE PRAY! The people here are asking us to pray for rain, because right now northern New Mexico is in a battle against massive fires and winds. I will keep you informed as the situation here changes.

Thanks in advance, and God bless,

Gary LeBlanc