Yesterday evening, our Mercy Chefs team delivered Shabbat (Sabbath) meals to families who are living just a few miles from Gaza. One of the meal deliveries was for a "shiva" -- a 7-day grieving period following the death of a loved one in which family and friends visit the home to express their love and support. Here is what our Mercy Chefs staffer who took part in the delivery shared:

"The shiva was for a 19-year-old who lost his life after being shot in the neck and continuing to fight the terrorists for eight hours. We also delivered meals to three bomb shelters where about 150 people are taking refuge. This area has been facing continued rocket fire so these people are forced to live in the shelters for now. Before the day was done, we provided hundreds of beautiful meals that included eight different dishes, two dips and a bottle of grape juice."

This is one of the most important relief efforts Mercy Chefs has ever conducted. The Lord has provided a base of operations with a full kitchen right in the heart of Israel -- enabling us to distribute meals, groceries and other supplies all across Israel.

Now, I need YOUR HELP!

Will you stand with Mercy Chefs as we stand with the people of Israel who are still grieving last weekend's horrific terror attacks while also preparing for what is to come?

Please consider sponsoring 30 meals ($105) or even 50 ($175) or 100 ($350). Several friends have even donated $1,000 or more. Of course, EVERY GIFT WILL HELP. Go here to help Mercy Chefs rush relief to war victims in Israel:

Most of all, we covet your prayers for the people of Israel and for our team. The sound of sirens and rocket fire are constant reminders that we are serving in a war zone. Pray for the Lord to protect the hostages. Pray for the innocent people who are caught up in this conflict. And pray for our team -- that we will help the most people we can, and remain safe.

Thanks and God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs