Monday from Eastern Kentucky

The flood crisis here in Kentucky is very much an unfolding disaster. Floodwaters remain high, the death toll continues to climb, and search and rescue workers are still trying to find those who are missing or may be trapped by the flooding.

+ + Firefighter stranded on top of his truck...

Yesterday, I met a local firefighter who nearly lost his life in the flood. As the waters rose, he got trapped on the roof of his truck for 15 hours just hoping to survive. His fire station and all their trucks were destroyed by the floodwaters. This big, strong man broke down in tears as he shared with us what was going through his mind as he waited for the waters to wash him away.

He texted loved ones, hoping that somehow the texts would survive and they could read his last thoughts of love for them. He thanked God that his family was safe. And he waited, and hoped.

Amazingly, this firefighter miraculously survived. Sadly, at last count 28 people were not able to escape the rising waters. Many more are still feared to be lost to the flooding. Countless thousands more have either lost their homes or are facing a very long road of recovery to make their homes livable again.

And everyone here is very worried because more rain is still threatening this region.

+ + Mercy Chefs is helping flood victims today!

This is why Mercy Chefs exists -- to share love and hope in the form of a hot meal to hurting people in the midst of a disaster. Every day, the demand is increasing. We served every meal we could make for lunch yesterday, so my team doubled our efforts for dinner. I expect the same will happen today and tomorrow. 

Can I count on your help to reach Kentucky flood victims who have been overwhelmed by this disaster?  Go here to make your tax-deductible gift to sponsor hot meals for flood victims and continue other vital efforts:

It costs about $3.50 for Mercy Chefs to provide a hot, chef-quality meal to a victim or volunteer. Just $35 will help us feed 10 flood victims today; $70 feeds 20; $175 will feed 50 people. Perhaps you can do more ($1,000 will help us provide 350 meals). Every gift makes a difference.

Mercy Chefs is feeding search and rescue teams, fire teams, the National Guard, and many, many victims. The people we are meeting -- like this firefighter -- are telling us stories that break our hearts.

Please PRAY for the people of Kentucky. And help as you can to provide hot meals to those in the path of this disaster.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc. Mercy Chefs

P.S. If you missed my video report from the flood zone, go here to watch: