Thursday P.M.

As I write, our team is preparing and serving meals to Texas hurricane victims. Please go here to help, and see below for details. -- Gary

The floodwaters have mostly receded, but the 17 inches of rain that hit South Texas has left many homes damaged and families struggling to pick up the pieces.

Our team is seeing the all-too familiar sites of blue tarps on houses, piles of debris in yards, and people still trying to sort out what next steps they should take.

This is precisely when Mercy Chefs' outreach of HOT MEALS delivered DIRECTLY TO THOSE IN NEED has the most impact! From our base of operations, our team is personally delivering meals to four of the hardest hit communities in this area.

These communities were already struggling before COVID hit. Things got worse with the economic shutdown. Then, the hurricane hit -- flooding homes and pushing many families to the brink.

And these towns were not being reached by other relief agencies -- quite frankly, they are poorer communities that are a bit farther away from the nearest metropolitan area.

That's why what we're doing is so vital, and it's why I'm asking for your help today. Our team has been serving meals since yesterday, and I fully expect we'll provide thousands of meals before the weekend is over.

Will you help? Go here to help us provide hot meals to hurricane victims in four hurting communities in South Texas while we continue other vital efforts:

Every gift will make a difference. Just $50 will help sponsor 20 meals for disaster victims; $100 will help us serve 40 meals. If you can contribute $200, $500, $1,000 or more, your support will help us reach even more people.

Again, today through this weekend is critical. Families are sorting out what happened and deciding on the first steps they need to make on a long road to recovery. YOU CAN HELP MAKE THEIR DAY A BIT BRIGHTER simply by sponsoring 20, 40, 80, or even 100 meals.

Thanks in advance, and God bless!

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs