Power and basic utilities have returned to Texas and with that the beginnings of a slow return to normalcy. As a result, Mercy Chefs is shifting from immediate crisis response to our efforts supporting the longer-term recovery needs in the area.

Our goal is to always do what is best for the local communities we serve. Once grocery stores and restaurants are up and running, we want to support these local businesses. So we shift from providing emergency hot meals to helping to meet longer-term needs.

+ + Five tractor-trailer trucks headed to Texas!

This is all happening right now, as I write. This weekend, Mercy Chefs will launch a very aggressive grocery box distribution effort that will bring five tractor trailer trucks to Texas for delivery through our church partners in the state. With power restored, we want to help fill the refrigerators of the folks who lost everything when the power went out.

In addition, we're standing in the gap in every way possible as we see needs. For example, we heard about a senior center that couldn't find milk anywhere. We're delivering milk to them today.

So while our hot meal service in Texas is now concluded (after providing 40,000 meals), our work is far from complete! In fact, we could reach even more people in the days ahead as this area recovers. We anticipate that our meal box distributions this weekend alone will result in about 100,000 meals being provided.

+ + Seeing the faces of the need...

Our time in Texas has been challenging, but the reward is seen in the lives you have helped us impact. Just in the past few days, we reached some of the hardest hit areas, including a special outreach in partnership with a local resource center that provides literacy training and schooling for children in South Dallas. These precious children were sent home with extra meals for their families so they could enjoy a delicious dinner together.

To see these kids holding hot, nutritious meals that you helped provide makes all the difficulties we faced in this deployment more than worth it. That's because we believe something amazing and even transformational happens over a shared meal. We saw this again and again in Texas.

As you can see, our work is far from over in Texas! Plus, we are continuing to reach out across the country through meal boxes and community kitchens that are making a difference for millions of Americans.

Will you help Mercy Chefs as we reach tens of thousands this weekend and in the coming days? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift as we provide thousands of food boxes to families in Texas and continue other vital efforts:

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic crisis and these unrelenting weather emergencies, I'm so thankful that friends like you are partnering with Mercy Chefs to reach more people than ever before in our history. You make everything we do possible!

God Bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. I just learned from my team that Mercy Chefs has now provided over 8.5 MILLION meals during the coronavirus crisis. This weekend, five more tractor-trailer trucks of food are headed to Texas to help families there. Every meal we serve and every food box we provide depends on faithful friends like you! Thanks for your prayers and continued support. Go here to help this weekend: