Thanks to everyone who partnered with Mercy Chefs to help make it possible for our team to serve 5,000 holiday meals to Florida hurricane victims this past Thanksgiving weekend.

The weekend was even more than we imagined. On Day One, thanks to you, our team served about 4,500 holiday meals across four different sites to families still hurting from the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael. Through the pouring rain, our chefs prepared a delicious menu of sliced honey glazed ham, turkey, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, green beans, fresh salad, cake, and a buttered roll. Then the sun came out and we started serving meals.

+ + "What they are doing is amazing"

Many people who had received meals from Mercy Chefs during those first days and weeks after the hurricane struck came back to share stories and say thanks. Here's what one thankful mom said about Mercy Chefs' impact on her family and neighborhood:

"After the storm, Mercy Chefs fed me and my family two hot, delicious meals every day along with fresh fruit and just kind, caring words. They also let us bring back meals for several of my elderly neighbors who couldn't get out to get food. What they are doing is amazing. Because as a mother, not knowing how you are going to feed your kids is heartbreaking. So thank you Mercy Chefs!"

For me, once again it was seeing the children that really grabbed my heart. Our team made this a special day for the kids, complete with Christmas gifts and fun activities. It was truly heartwarming to see the smiles on the childrens' faces, and to hear story after story of how Mercy Chefs meals had made a difference in so many lives here.

And with every story and every child's smiling face, I think of friends like you who make it possible for Mercy Chefs to feed body and soul.