A potential tropical storm is now developing in the Atlantic, southeast of Puerto Rico. The NOAA says it has a 90% chance of becoming the sixth named storm of the season.

We don't know if this disturbance will develop into Tropical Storm or Hurricane "Fred" (the next planned name). It could be Hurricane "Grace" or "Henri" (the next two planned names) that develops into a monster storm. But what we do know is that the NOAA is forecasting that there will be a minimum of 10 hurricanes in late summer and fall with five of those storms packing winds of 110 MPH or greater.

And I know very personally what those types of storms do: they destroy entire communities and leave people in desperate need of help.

In recent years, Mercy Chefs has deployed to communities that are still trying to recover from such storms. Panama City and Florida's "Forgotten Coast" are still putting the pieces back together from Michael which hit three years ago. Sadly, we've deployed to Lake Charles, Louisiana, three times in less than a year. If another storm hits, I don't know what these wonderful people will do.

+ + My challenge this month...

Earlier this month, I shared with you that Mercy Chefs is facing a challenge. We must prepare for what the forecasters are saying is coming -- a devastating hurricane season. But food costs have skyrocketed, and it's sapped our reserves. 

So I'm reaching out to friends like you and asking for your help to effectively pre-sponsor the first 10,000 meals we'll serve during the coming peak disaster season.

As of this morning, we were still far short of that goal. Will you help me reach this goal this week by sponsoring 10, 20, 50 or 100 meals right now as we get ready for peak disaster season? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

We don't know why the number of powerful storms has increased so much, especially along the Gulf Coast. There are many theories, but one thing is clear: we are living in an extraordinary and perhaps unprecedented time. We are even seeing storms increase in strength as they make landfall, and this has the experts puzzled. But this is our reality: storms have been increasing, and forecasters are telling us to brace for more this year.

Will you help Mercy Chefs get ready? 

This is a very important month for Mercy Chefs. The experts have issued their warnings. We must be prepared.

Please go here to help. And thanks in advance for partnering with us.

God bless,


P.S. We are still far short of our goal, and I need your help. Please prayerfully consider how you can partner with Mercy Chefs as we get ready for the peak disaster season. If the Lord has blessed you, please consider making a gift of $500, $1,000 or more. Of course, every gift will help. Go here to make your donation directly to Mercy Chefs, and for instructions on how to send your gift by check: