Your Gift Will Help Volcano Victims In Guatemala!

The recent eruption of Volcán de Fuego (Spanish for "Volcano of Fire") in Guatemala has killed hundreds, maybe thousands. Mercy Chefs, Grassfire's disaster-relief partner, has responded by deploying a team to the Central American country that's working with local church pastors and doctors to care for displaced volcano victims, rescue workers, soldiers, medical teams and others.

Your support at this critical time is important to their success feeding body and soul. It typically costs Mercy Chefs about $2.50 to prepare and serve a hot, nutritious meal in a disaster area. But their team will incur significant travel and other expenses responding to Central America. Your tax-deductible gift is urgently needed to meet a $6,000 emergency need!

Please complete the form below to support Mercy Chefs' Guatemala outreach, as they continue other vital efforts.

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