Earlier today, a Hamas rocket fired from Gaza reached Tel Aviv, Israel's second largest city in the center of the country.

This is the reality of what's happening on the ground. Three weeks after Hamas' savage raid on southern Israel, all of Israel remains a war zone.

The base camp for our Mercy Chefs team is in central Israel, near Tel Aviv. Despite these attacks, Mercy Chefs and our partners are continuing to distribute hot meals and Family Grocery Boxes to locations spanning the nation of Israel. Yesterday alone, we were able to help feed 20,000 people through the distribution of hot meals and grocery boxes.

Today, Israeli officials warned that the next, more dangerous phase of this battle to secure their homeland could begin any day. We are already seeing an increase in demand for meals. That demand could skyrocket in the coming days.

I'm turning to you once again for help.

Will you help sponsor 10 hot meals for Israeli families we'll serve in the next few days for just $35? If you can do more, please help by sponsoring 20 meals ($70) or even 50 meals ($175) or 100 meals ($350). Go here to help families in Israel:

We've increased our meal capacity. Plus, we're reaching even more people through the distribution of Family Grocery Boxes.

Now I need YOUR HELP!

Thank you for your support and your prayers.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs