Days after the wildfires swept through Lahaina, the destroyed ruins of homes and buildings were still smoldering...

I can't even tell you how many totally burned out cars are here. This one was abandoned at a scenic overlook, showing the stark contrast of the beauty of this island and the massive devastation that just occurred:

Yet in the midst of the tragic loss of life and devastation to homes and property, we find signs of hope. A man miraculously finds his wedding rings in the ashes of his home. Meals seemingly multiply to meet the need as our team delivers food to wildfire victims. And neighbors join with Mercy Chefs to help feed their neighbors who may have lost everything...

Today through this weekend, Mercy Chefs will serve thousands of meals to wildfire victims here in West Maui. As you know, every meal we serve is made possible by the generous support of friends like you.

Will you help us serve thousands of wildfire victims a hot meal this weekend? Go here to help sponsor meals:

Over the years, I've seen many disasters. This is certainly the worst wildfire devastation I've witnessed. The death toll now stands at 111 and the final number of fatalities will undoubtedly be much higher. Hundreds are still missing and officials have only searched through about 40% of the burned-out homes and buildings.

This is a massive tragedy that requires a massive response of support.

Mercy Chefs is here. We're serving meals from two locations. We are reaching wildfire victims at the epicenter of this fire's deadly destruction.

We need your prayers and your support.

Thanks in advance, 

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs