Here's the latest from tornado-ravaged Kentucky...

We are serving hundreds of meals daily to folks in shelters along with work crews who are removing debris and clearing trees. It’s astounding how many empty foundation slabs are all around. The houses are just gone. There are debris fields everywhere.

+ + Who owns the car in my front yard?

The other day, a man came for lunch hoping to see some of his neighbors because he was trying to figure out who owned the car that had landed in his yard! It's the type of thing you never expect to hear in your entire life. Many are living in their homes while struggling to have serious repairs made. We are taking them meals.

It's all very heartbreaking. And there are many, many retirees who are desperately struggling to get by. We saw a very frail, elderly woman who had to be over 80 dragging huge trash bags of debris to a truck. Part of her roof was gone.

There are so many people here trying to put their lives back together. Mercy Chefs is here as well. We're feeding people every day while we put in place the infrastructure for a longer-term response so we can help the people of Western Kentucky during their long road of recovery.

Will you stand with us this month as we stand with the tornado victims here? This long-term response was never in our "master plan" but we have to make it happen. Go here to help Mercy Chefs feed tornado victims and continue other vital efforts:

I'm so grateful for the faithfulness of every friend who has made it possible for Mercy Chefs to bring relief to Kentucky tornado victims for nearly a month. Thank you so much! Please continue to pray for the people here and ask the Lord to increase our impact.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. The weather has turned bitter cold. Snow. It only makes things even more difficult for the tornado victims who are still struggling to literally pick up the pieces. Any help you can offer this weekend would be greatly appreciated. Go here.