We are mobilizing relief for Israel war victims TODAY and need help. Go here to help rush relief to victims in Israel, and see below. --Gary

As you know, Israel has come under brutal and barbaric attack by the terror group Hamas in what Israeli leaders are calling the worst attack on the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

Southern Israel is gripped in chaos and danger as more than 800 have died, thousands have been injured and many have been taken hostage by terrorists. This is a despicable attack that has brought war to Israel and untold trauma to the people of the Holy Land.

+ + We are mobilizing relief for Israel TODAY

My team has been working through the weekend to mobilize a Mercy Chefs response in Israel to assist the victims of the rocket attacks. We have already sent resources to a partner on the ground who is hard at work delivering groceries and other supplies into the worst areas. Also today, a Mercy Chefs Advance Team is departing from the U.S. and will be on the ground in Israel tomorrow to assess the most urgent needs and to identify a kitchen location for our chefs to work alongside local chefs in Israel.

This is a desperate situation for the people of Israel and I want to do everything in our power to help our friends there.

Will you prayerfully consider matching or even exceeding the best gift you have made to Mercy Chefs this year so we can rush relief to Israel THIS WEEK? Go here to help rush relief to war victims in Israel:

Obviously, this is a rapidly unfolding and changing situation. I will have more details soon, perhaps even later today. For now...

Please HELP RUSH RELIEF TO ISRAEL and pray for those who are suffering or have lost loved ones.

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. I'm asking for every Mercy Chefs friend and partner to stand with us as we stand with the people of Israel. Please pray. And please help us get relief to war victims in Israel. Go here: