I'm here in Sulphur with our Mercy Chefs team as we work to provide hot meals to tornado victims and volunteers in this community that was devastated by this past weekend's tornado strike.

+ + Four football fields wide!

The National Weather Service is now reporting that the tornado that hit Sulphur was on the ground for over 7 miles and, at its widest, cut a path over four football fields wide.

The damage these massive tornadoes leave in their path can take your breath away. Some structures were reduced to rubble. Along the path of the tornado, there are roofs ripped off homes and massive trees now laying on the side of homes.

+ + Delivering hot meals TODAY...

Yesterday, I was able to deliver meals to a mom and her daughter who survived the storm but their home was severely damaged. We sat and chatted as she enjoyed the hot meal friends like you helped provide.

Today, our team is already working to provide both lunch and dinner to tornado victims here in Sulphur and surrounding communities.

Every meal we serve depends on the generosity and partnership of friends like you!

Can I count on you today as we serve tornado victims and continue other vital efforts to feed body and soul? Go here to sponsor meals:

These are small, close-knit communities. Everyone here either was impacted directly by the tornado or knows someone who was. Buildings that stood for decades in Sulphur's downtown area have been destroyed. These folks need our help.

Thanks for your prayers, and your partnership.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

News sources: National Weather Service