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A few weeks ago, an opportunity presented itself for Mercy Chefs to feed hundreds of people at a hospital in the Kaabang District of Uganda. Bordering Sudan and Kenya, this is one of the most underdeveloped regions in the country. 

With the help of our local partner on the ground in Uganda, YWAM Kaabong, we are currently feeding hot meals in a hospital where people often come because they are malnourished. A doctor in the hospital shared, “As doctors and workers in the hospital, we are grateful to YWAM Kaabong and Mercy Chefs for their intervention in feeding our patients. The number of people failing to complete treatment has totally dropped and the number of malnourished children has totally come down. The death rate in the hospital has come down. We pray that you may continue this ministry to save our people.

Mercy Chefs was given the opportunity to help save hundreds and hundreds of lives in Uganda, which is why we need your help. The total cost for breakfast and lunch in this region is $0.34, meaning that a $100 donation will provide over 500 meals to the people who truly need it the most. This part of the world contains some of the most significant needs we have ever seen. We are eager to feed as many people as we can in Uganda.

God bless you,

Gary LeBlanc
Founder and CEO